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Here's a few photos, links to photos ,and links to videos from our 2014 Tulsa trip. This year we were fortunate to have our friends Ray Green & Dale Johnston, join Linda, myself, Brian Walker and his son Gage who drove our 2nd car in his 1st Chili Bowl. It was a long but fun week as in the end everything rolled back into the trailer for the trip home
The cars sit ready to be loaded in the trailerEverything in its place, buckled down for the trip to TulsaOur pit area at the Expo CenterRay with Gage before Monday hotlapsBrian and Gage Walker before Monday hotlapsGroup photo before my Wednesday hotlapsGage Walker during his heat Tuesday  Action during my C main Wednesday nightDale, myself, LOK, and Ray after my Saturday morning hotlapsMike Hurst, Gage and Brian after Gage's Saturday hotlaps which was in between my mains...(I transferred from the J to I mainOn the ramp waiting for Gage's Saturday F main. Look close and you'll see Dale, Ray, Brian & myselfDOK & LOK with the new 0kLOK took this shot of Ray & I after we got back home and the cars unloaded... we were tried!
16 year old Gage Walker who drove our Fontana powered Stealth #8ok attached a GO-PRO camera to the car and took this footage. 2014 Chili Bowl was only Gage's 2nd time behind the wheel of a full midget.
Here's a few links to photos from our 2014 Tulsa trip. Don't forget to support these photographers by buying any of these photos you like.

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