On Tuesday afternoon April 4, 2006 my father Donald Dale O'Keefe Sr. departed this world and left us, his family and friends with a big void to fill. It was through him and his racing that I caught the racing bug so many years ago. Dad was laid to rest the following Saturday.
Don O'Keefe Sr.
May 22, 1935 - April 4, 2006
If some of you didn't know Dad & family lives in Lawrence Ks., hence that's why
the "Lawrence Connection" has always been and will continue to be featured on our race cars.
I thought I'd put up a mix of family & racing photos we have of him.
On behalf of the entire O'Keefe family thanks again for your thoughts & prayers
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Part 2
Dad & Anita were married on
August 29, 1984 in Lawrence, Kansas.
They had a daughter Megan
(R) Dad & Megan share some fun when she was young.
Dad & myself on one of our mid-west trips
Dad with our sportsman car in 1980 during his California trip.
Dad working on the 129 stocker he ran in 1982-85. Topeka Raceway was the track he ran the most...these other 2 photos (below & to the right )were taken of Dad at Topeka.
Dad & Megan
Dad & Grandma O'Keefe
Dad checking out Dale Johnston's sprinter at the Oklahoma City track in June of 1989
Working on the  LOK Enterprises sprinter during a 1994 California trip.
When Dad couldn't go to the races he always would check out the results on his home computer.
In 2000 Ray Green & I took a trip to Lawrence after racing at Dodge City, Ks. Ray,Dad, me & my cousin Will  are pictured to the left. To the right Dad & I compare height vs. width.
Here's a great photo of Dad shortly before he retired. The words on the hat he was wearing said it all.
This is probably the last photo taken of Dad. He still had the persona about him that always reminded me of John Wayne... or maybe it's John Wayne that reminds me of Dad. That strong tough exterior that let you know you didn't have to worry, he'd get the job done, he'd be there to pick you up. The fight is now over, the torch passed. Hopefully those of us who are left will do half as well as he who has departed, 
Rest in Peace Old Man
Dad's grave site, the family is working on the head-stone that will be placed here in the coming months.
The head-stone placed at the grave site.